Wakf Publication : A Short Introduction to Muhammad, the Final Messenger and Mercy for Mankind

Book Cover Wakf Publication : A Short Introduction to Muhammad, the Final Messenger and Mercy for Mankind


The purpose of this research study is to introduce the greatest personality ever existed in the human creation and gain understanding of the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Amongst all the Prophets, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the only Prophet who fulfilled his mission and completed his work in his lifetime. He has left his Shari'ah (the detailed code of conduct comprising ways and mode of worship, standards of morale and laws to judge (between right and wrong) for mankind with a declaration (during the last sermon at Arafat) that if Muslims follow his Shari'ah will not go astray. With Muhammad (SAW), the seal of Prophets) and the Quran, the final Divine Book, has come the culmination of the Prophethood and religious evolution. The nature of Prophet Muhammad's (SAW) message is such that it is addressed to all mankind and directed to all generations for all times. This Book consists of six (6) chapters. Chapter 1 consists of Introduction. Chapter 2 consists of Muhammad's Life to Prophethood, Chapter 3 consists of Prophethood Of Muhammad (SAW). And include Introduction; Universal Prophet Sent To Mankind; The Perfection Of Soul And Nobility; Recipient Of Allah's Special Favour Of Al-Isra And Al-Miraj (The Ascension); Recipient Of The Covenant From All Prophets To Belief In Him And Render Him Help; Seal Of The Prophethood: Last In The Line Of Prophets; Sent As A Favour And Mercy From Allah; His Religion To Prevail Over All Religion, Which Is Perfected; and Concluding RemarksChaoter 4 consists of Culmination and Finality of Prophethood, Chaoter 5 consists of Some of the Personal Characteristics of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) and include: Prophet Muhammad's Personal Appearance; Prophet Muhammad's Personal Dress; Prophet Muhammad 's Personal Mode Of Living; Prophet Muhammad's Manners And Disposition; Prophet Muhammad's Treatment With Children; Prophet Muhammad's Daily Routine; and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on Trust in Allah (SWT); Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on the Importance of Justice; Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on Equality; Prophet Muhammad (Saw) on Kindness to Animals; and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on Love for The Poor. Chapter 6 consists of Summary and Conclusion. The book is supported with Bibliography.


Wazir (Dr) Ali Khan
Paperback | 126 pages
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Publication date
29 Oct 2018
Independently Published